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Granite Solutions™ - The Innovative, Elegant, & Affordable Granite Counter Top

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Granite Solutions™ is the Modular-Slab Granite System which provides the dimensional depth of 1½" slab with a patent-pending oversized bullnose edge.

Granite Solutions™ is up to 50% less than the cost of granite slab

Granite Solutions™ is Innovative
Granite Solutions™ is a patent-pending system of granite tiles that include an oversized bullnose edge to
provide the dimensional depth of 1½ inch slab on standard
½ inch thick tiles. Each tile component includes eased edges that minimize seams and grout lines.

Granite Solutions™ was also designed to be simple enough to install by the homeowner. If you've installed tile, you can install Granite Solutions.

Granite Solutions™ is Elegant
Granite Solutions™ gives you the beautiful and elegant look that only slab can provide. Tile components are made from only premium A-grade granite, color-matched for a seamless flow and available in 14 designer colors.

Benissimo uses granite only from large lots to ensure shade flow and consistency. Each order goes though rigorous quality control standards to minimize shade variations and is then securely shipped in custom-designed packaging materials.

Granite Solutions™ is Affordable
Granite Solutions™ gives you the look of slab for significantly less cost and investment - up to 50% less than the cost of granite slab! Unlike granite slab, there are no hidden costs related to templating or fabrication. Ordering by the piece also reduces cost and waste - order only what you need. Finally, installing Granite Solutions is easy - either do it yourself, or hire a tile installer.
Benissimo's Patent-Pending Bullnose Edge
Granite Solutions™ Available in 14 Designer Colors
Granite Solutions™ - Easy to Install & Maintain

Get things started in the Granite Solutions™ Project Planner. View sample layouts, photo galleries, read helpful planning tips, and download additional information.

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